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Berlin Tourist Attractions - Although Berlin is believed to have been founded in the 13th century, recent excavations have provided evidence which suggests that this richly culture city may be even older than that – especially given the discovery of an oaken beam that may date back as far as 1192. Whatever the truth of its origins, Berlin has always been diverse and dichotomous, with a host of radical changes which frequently changed the city. Throughout its history, dark times alternated with brighter, prosperous ones, all tangling together to create the dazzling and decadent metropolis it has become today.

Since a 13th century founding is more widely accepted thus far, at approximately 800 years old, Berlin is one of the "youngest" cities in all of Europe, although its rich history goes a long way towards making up for its age. In 1307, Cölln and Berlin, two of Germany's founding towns, joined together. In 1451, elector Friedrich II claimed the unionized town as his home. In 1701, prior to Friedrich III's coronation as Friedrich I, King of Prussia, Berlin become a Royal Capital and Residence Town. Several widely known buildings were designed at this time, and the King's grandson, Friedrich II, took up these architectural endeavors and continued redesigning the city with the aid of Knobelsdorff, a famous architect of the times. From 1806 to 1808, the city was occupied by Napoleon's troops. During this time, Napoleon annexed the Quadriga, which was returned to the Brandenburg Gate in 1814, following the victory of Leipzig.

As the decades passed, Berlin continued to flourish, especially architecturally, with the addition of stunning classical buildings designed by Schinkel and blooming parks designed by Lenné. Around the middle of the 1800s, the city’s economy grew rapidly, prompting a corresponding population bloom. Around 1871, the city became the capital of the Deutsches Reich and Berlin’s population swelled to more than one million.

The outcome of World War I and associated revolutionary riots caused innumerable problems, yet the city’s culture continued to blossom, especially in the 1920s. Berlin Germany became central to the Golden Twenties, making significant contributions in art, theatre, and film. Things underwent a rapid change in 1933, however, when Jews, Communists, artists, homosexuals, and revolutionaries began to be persecuted in earnest.

Following the end of World War II and the collapse of the terror-filled Nazi regime, 1945 saw Berlin devastated and divided by four allies. In East Berlin, the Soviet Union ruled; Southwest Berlin was overtaken by the United States; West Berlin fell under the rule of Great Britain; and, finally, Northwest Berlin was administered by France. In 1948, the “Berlin-Blockage” came to be and the city itself caused the Soviet-American conflict. With America and Britain supplying the three western sectors, the reconstruction of East and West Berlin began – along with the construction of the Berlin Wall, which began on August 13, 1961. The Wall marked a severe division and separation of the people of Berlin.

On November 3, 1989, the Berlin Wall finally came down, amidst the cheers and celebrations of the city’s people. The city was reunified in 1990, and Berlin became home to the Federal Government. In 1999, the government held its first session in the Reichstag, which had been redesigned with a new glass dome.

Berlin has undergone the full spectrum of changes, some of them for ill and some of them for good, proving that it can always emerge better and grow into more than it was before.

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Berlin Tourist Attractions

Berlin Tourist Attractions

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Berlin Tourist Attractions

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