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Paris France Tourist Attractions - The city of Paris os over two thousand years old, with the Gauls, members of the Parisii tribe, settling the now bustling metropolis sometime between 250 BC and 200 BC. In time, the land became a fishing village. At the time, it was on an island in what is now Ile de la Cita, the river around which Paris thrives. There are some great tourist attractions for you to enjoy during your visit to the city.

During the ancient time of its origin, Paris France was known as Lutetia or Lutece. In 52 BC, Julies Caesar conquered the land. Beneath the rule of the Romans, it became a center for the regions, and it remained so through the early part of the Middle Ages. Hugh Capet went from Count of Paris to King of France in 987. By the time the Capetians, King Capetís successors, took over, Paris was well on its way to becoming the countryís established capital.

The people of Paris have always been a lively, rebellious bunch, full of spirit and vigor. It thus comes as no surprise that they wound up declaring their independence in the 14th century: sometime between 1355 and 1358. They placed Etienne Marcel in a leadership position and rallied to be independent. It is also not surprising that Paris, through France, has been involved in several wars, all of which played roles of extreme importance in the cityís culture and history. In addition to the French Revolution, Paris has been involved in the Franco Prussian war, during which the city was under siege by the Prussians for four months, World War I, and World War II.

The vibrant, sophisticated Paris we known today has retained its character and enchanting charm; it has endured through every hardship. It is, in fact, being improved upon all the time. Currently, there are several architectural projects in the works, including renovating the Louvre, and developing the Paris Basin.

Make sure you check out the top tourist attractions in Paris France during you stay.

Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris Tourist Attractions

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Paris Tourist Attractions

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