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Prague Tourist Attractions - Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and it is located along the Vltava River, right in the center of the Czech basin. In addition to being the capital, Prague is also the largest city in the Czech Republic. It has a vast array of historical monuments and as of 1992, UNESCO placed the sites in the heart of Prague on its list of protected monuments. There are also lots of great tourist attractions in Prague for you to enjoy.

Prague has been a popular and heavily populated place since prehistory. There are still fossils, trilobites, and the ancient remains of other plants and animals located in, on, and around the Barrandov cliffs. They, along with Petrin, Letna, and parts of the Vltava valley protect Prague from inclement weather, such as cold northern fronts and the intense winds which come from the west.

It is a widely recognized fact that these areas of Prague have been constantly populated ever since the fourth millennium, BC; the Hallstatt period of 6th century BC introduced a significant Celt population.

The Hapsburg monarchy fell with the onset of World War I, which led to both the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic and the formation of Prague as a capital city. Functionalism, surrealism, and innovative literary ideas were birthed during this time, which is considered one of the golden ages of history.

World War II put an end to the First Republic, wherein Prague was occupied by Fascist Germany. Following the war, the Czech Republic was turned into a Communist state.

Not until November 17, 1989, and the Velvet Revolution, did the country return to a more normal civilization. Prague once again became free and in 1993, it was once again decreed as the capital city. However, free elections inevitably caused Czechoslovakia to divide. The Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 and is now making preparations to become part of the European Union.

Try and visit as many of the top tourist attraction in Prague during your visit.


Prague Attractions

Prague Tourist Attractions

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Prague Tourist Attractions

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